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Yes. Approved by Directorate General of Shipping (Govt. of India) NABL certificate of accreditation ISO 15189:2007 Registered under K.M.C. (Kolkata Municipal Corporation).

No. Oceanite Medical signed a JV with Heilen Cross for using their clinical and pathological services.

PEME is split into different specific examinations.
1. Complete Physical Examination.
2. Blood Investigations.
3. Urine Routine Examination.
4. Stool Test (Food Handlers)
5. Chest X-ray
6. ECG
7. USG
8. Audiometry
9. TMT Stress Test
10. 2D Echo Cardiography.
11. Eye.
12. Dental etc.

Yes clinic do have fully qualified doctors but not engaged full time.

Yes. Approved Dr.Madhumita undergone course on Marine Occupational safety and health hazards.

PEME as per Company / P&I Club provided list of examinations and also following the guideline of DG/STCW/MLC 2006. All reports are computer generated. Records maintained in both Soft/Hard format for a period of 7years.Flag state medical do comply with.

Annual Expenditure on New Equipment : 5-6 lakhs per year.
Maintenance and Calibration carried out as per manufactured requirements.

No. Due to identification issues onsite blood and urine sample testing facility is not provided. All testing facilities are at the premises of the Clinic.

Yes. Instructions provided to the person in-charge scheduling PEME at the Shipping Company to guide seafarers, as well written instructions provided to the seafarer prior PEME.

NABL certificate of accreditation ISO 15189:2007
Issued : 20thJuly, 2016 (Valid for 2 years)